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Hair Masterclass #3 – Brushing / combing your hair

June 19th, 2015

We hope you’re loving our ‘Back to Basics’ hair masterclasses. We’ve been receiving loads of positive feedback from customers who never knew the correct way of washing their hair! What we are trying to achieve with our Hair Masterclasses is to help you feel confident in maintaining the integrity of your hair, as well as your hairstyle, between cuts. This month we are focusing on brushing your hair and whether to brush your hair dry or wet.

Combing your hair the right way..

  • When hair is wet always use a wide tooth comb. Never use a brush to get knots our of the hair when wet
  • Section hair into four parts. Start combing at the back and work from the tips of the hair up to the roots – This is easier to get knots out.
  • Hair is fragile when wet so don’t be too rough as this can cause damage.


  • Brush your hair using a brush when your hair is dry before washing your hair -This will remove any loose hair and make it easier to wash and comb.
  • Leave a wide tooth comb in the shower and use when conditioning your hair -This will help free the knots.
  • When brushing always start at the ends and work up to the roots.
  • Squeeze excess water using a towel gently – never be too rough with your hair when it’s wet.
  • Before blow drying using the hairdryer to remove 80% moisture out of the hair – This will lessen the time spent styling your hair.

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