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Hair Masterclass #4: How to backcomb

July 28th, 2015

If you have flat or fine hair and want more lift at the roots, the best way to achieve volume is by backcombing.

Here is the best way to backcomb your hair, step-by-step!

1/ Prep your hair. Wash and towel dry. Use a root lift mousse. We like Redken Guts. Blow dry with lots of volume.

2/ Take a section about an inch thick at the crown area, hold with good tension and backcomb with a fine tooth comb starting two inches up the section and push down towards the roots, forming a cushion at the base.

3/ Work around to the sides, spray each section at the roots with hairspray as you go.

4/ You don’t need to be neat with the backcombing because you’re going to smooth the hair over the top at the end.

5/ Once completed, use a wide tooth comb to place and smooth your hair into your desired style.

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