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Hair Masterclass #8: How to manage split ends

September 15th, 2015

Nobody likes a a split end. Unfortunately they are a fact of life and are often the cause of dull looking locks. However, if you follow our top tips for managing them, you’ll be able to keep them in check for longer!

  • Get regular trims (even if you are growing out your hair) to keeps your ends healthy
  • Always use a heat protector BEFORE exposing your hair to hot styling tools.
  • Make sure to remove any excess water from your hair before applying product to blow dry.
  • Use a good shampoo and conditioner suited to your individual hair type. Deep conditioning treatments/masques are also great for your hair.
  • If you colour your hair, ensure that you are using the correct products to maintain the integrity of your hair.
  • Avoid using hair ties and accessories with metal that touches your hair as they pull. Also avoid hair ties that are too small for your hairs density.

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