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Hair Masterclass #9

November 30th, 2015

Benefits of using Dry Shampoo..

Dry shampoo doesn’t just soak up oil and give you irresistibly second-day sexy hair  in an instant; it can help you in a bunch of other surprising ways too. We’ve put together 8 tips for you to try at home using dry shampoo..

  • It replaces a wash- if you don’t have time to wash & dry your hair, dry shampoo soaks up the oils/grease and leaves a fresh scent.
  • It volumizes limp strands- it ‘fluffs’ flat hair creating instant fullness.
  • It can save colour fade – since shampoo and water leach dye from hair, washing less means your colour won’t fade as fast.
  • You can use it whenever – Dry shampoo can be applied anytime your hair needs a lift. Although before bed is a good time as it will absorb while you sleep.
  • If you happen to be blonde, dry shampoo is also an excellent method for making your roots appear lighter.

For Styling…

  • It can help hold your back combing – spray the dry shampoo on the section & then backcomb to hold in place.
  • It adds grip to bobby pins- To keep bobby pins from slipping out of an up do or other style, spray them with dry shampoo to give them some grip first.
  • It can help you reserve a style – If you wear your hair slicked back one day and want it out and wind blown, spray hair all over with dry shampoo and brush with a paddle brush – working through the dry shampoo and working the other products out.





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