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A New Season A New You…

March 19th, 2016



With winter season approaching, We have put together 3 new wither trends for you to try…  A new season a new you!!

The Long Bob…

L.O.B’s have just about overtaken long looks, for the style of choice right now!!

They look chic, and can be styled in countless different ways. Many celebs are embracing the LOB. If you like having the hottest style out there, then the LOB is definitely your style of choice.

Colour pick of the season..

Copper colours this n season enhance the winter look, by its nice rich warm and flashy tones, which brighten your complexion and cheer up a dull day. Be the one who knows the stunning shade of winter2016, and the first out of your friends to have it.


Stand out from the rest , Fringes allow you to freshen up your style, and add interest to your cut, while keeping your length.

We’re loving the solid shaggy fringes a lot of celebrities are sporting. Talk with your stylists about which fringe will suit your style and face shape.

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